hashkill v0.3.0 released

hashkill is an open-source password recovery tool. It can recover about 45 types of passwords using different types of attacks. It has several nice features (sessions save/restore, multihash lists, GPU acceleration) and is designed to take advantage of newer hardware (multicore systems, SSE2/XOP/AVX/AES-NI-enabled x86 CPUs, modern GPUs, multi-GPU configurations, etc)


  • Multi-threaded so that it can benefit from multi-core/multi-CPU systems
  • SSE2/AVX/XOP/AES-NI-accelerated algorithms to achieve high speeds on modern x86 CPUs
  • Very powerful rule engine plus optimized bruteforce/markov codepaths for fast algos.
  • ~ 40 plugins for different types of passwords (ranging from simple hashes like MD5 and SHA1 to WPA, passworded RAR files and private SSL key passphrases)
  • Supports session save/restore. Sessions are auto-saved each 3 seconds. Password cracking can resume after the last checkpoint in case the program is stopped/killed/system crashes/power down/etc.
  • Multi-hash support
  • Very fast GPU support on both Nvidia and AMD. GCN and Kepler architecture supported.
  • Multi-GPU support (even AMD+NVidia systems).
  • Session save/restore, markov/rule/bruteforce also on GPUs


  • Completely new architecture
  • True multi-GPU support, any mixed multi-GPU configuration supported, even AMD+NVIDIA
  • A new very powerful and flexible rule engine implemented
  • Hash indices totally reworked, hashkill now supports huge (>1 million) hashlists
  • XOP/AVX/AES-NI support if available
  • True working thermal monitoring for both nv/amd devices
  • Session save/restore and progress indicator working even for rule attacks
  • Lots of new plugins, several archive formats now supported on GPU and WPA cracking (a stateful pcap-to-hccap conversion tool included)
  • Precompiled kernels for all architectures, no time lost in runtime kernel compilation
  • GCN and Kepler architectures now supported
  • –interactive-mode allows responsive desktop while cracking
  • Misc. algorithm optimizations
  • Dynamic OpenCL loader, now you won’t need any OpenCL or ADL headers to build
  • Rule engine supports advanced attacks: table replacements/multichar replacements, permutation, dictionary, combined dictionaries, built-in markov, adaptive (fingerprint) attacks based on feedback from currently cracked passwords enhanced by training markov models on them, generating candidates Levenshtein/Levenshtein-Damerau distance X/Hamming/etc, builtin leetify, pasttense/conttense rules, builtin cyrillic->latin transliteration rules, passphrase generation based on wordlists, rule engine has stack storage, preprocessor with includes, command-line passed variables, etc.
  • The rule engine is CPU based, but certain ruleset patterns are recognized and offloaded to GPU for faster attacks when fast algos are attacked.
  • Tons of bugs fixed
  • And lots more…

NJ Ouchn

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