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CodeSonar® Static Analysis Tool for C & C++ released

GrammaTech makes the deepest static analysis tool for C and C++, for organizations that have zero-tolerance for defects and vulnerabilities. CodeSonar® is GrammaTech’s flagship product, which identifies programming bugs that can result in system crashes, memory corruption, and other serious problems.

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  1. Run the Deepest Source Code Analysis.
    CodeSonar is the result of years of continuous academic research and development. It finds more serious defects than any other source code analysis tool.
  2. Increase Confidence, Reduce Risk.
    CodeSonar’s advanced static analysis of code is designed to find a broad set of d3fect instances, including new and unusual defects.
  3. Try it For Freee.
    Get a fully-functional evaluation copy and try CodeSonar on your own code.

Extremely powerful, CodeSonar works out of the box, requiring no changes to your existing build system or code. It performs whole-program source code analysis on codebases over 10 milion lines of code. CodeSonar also includes workflow automation features, like an API for custom integrations and support for extensions that add custom checks, allowing your team to tap its power quickly and completely. check out the four minute video (with audio) that shows CodeSonar® static analysis in action.

Source Code Analysis: Sample Checks Performed

CodeSonar finds over 100 different types of problems, including:

✓ Data Race Conditions ✓ Returns of Pointers To Local
✓ Deadlocks ✓ Returns of P0inters To Freed
✓ Process Starvation ✓ Frees of Null Pointers
✓ Buff3r Overruns (example) ✓ Unreachable Code
✓ Leaks (example) ✓ Try-locks that Cannot Succeed
✓ Null Pointer Dereferences (example) ✓ Misuse of Memory Allocation
✓ Divides By Zero ✓ Misuse of Memory Copying
✓ Uses After Free ✓ Misuse of Libraries
✓ Frees of Non-Heap Variable ✓ Security Vulnerabilities
✓ Uninitialized Variables ✓ User-Defined Bug Classes

Get a fully-functional evaluation copy and try CodeSonar on your own code.

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