AppSec Labs iNalyzer – iOS penetration testing framework

AppSec Labs iNalyzer – iOS penetration testing framework

AppSec Labs iNalyzer is a framework for manipulating iOS applications, tampering with parameters and methods; no sources needed! AppSec Labs iNalyzer targets closed applications, turning a painful Black Box into an automatic Gray-Box effort.

AppSec Labs iNalyzer Automates your testing effort as it exposes the internal logic of your target iOS application and the correlation between hidden functionalities. The AppSec Labs iNalyzer allows you to use your daily web-based pen-testing tools such as scanners, proxies etc. AppSec Labs iNalyzer maintains the attack logic and forwards it onto the targeted iOS application. No more manual BruteForce, Fuzzing, SQL injection and other tedious manual work!

The iNalyzer iPhone testing tool can now be downloaded directly from our Cydia repository! (You will need Graphviz Dot and Doxygen installed on your PC/laptop).

The following is the installation video for iNalyzer

Get here a great iNalyzer Keynote from the OWASP Israel 2012 talk

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