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And the “Ripper Price” goes to TheHackersNew.com – Or How they steal our contents for Profit & for Profit

Posting about tools, tracking them, testing them could be a daily hard task to achieve. But motivation is always there to help us to do so. Until, rippers show their faces and steal your work. ToolsWatch is 2 people with families, work and responsabilities BUT they try to find time to keep their friends and fellas updated with latest news. Moreover, they even promote and give helping hand for new tools to be discovered by the rest of community. And this has a cost: Spending a long time behind computers late at night, testing and verifying (not all) but most of software / tools.

Here i’m not argying about that. Because WE REALLY enjoy what we are doing. But, what i can’t stand is some guys come after the show and steal the work and repost it without ANY mention not even a thanks. There are a lot. But my first “Ripper Price” goes to TheHackersNews.com. I especially monitor them (among others) because i had many suspicions that they steal EVERY piece of Post and replay it. And today, here is the proof


Look at the characters (H3ilfire (3 instead of e), To0l (with Zeros…)

I intentionally insert TYPOS to track down the stealers. I just took this post for example. Now take a look here and see http://www.toolswatch.org/2012/08/pweb-suite-v1-1-perl-based-web-application-penetration-testing-tools/ (SAME typos). Now, see the original http://code.google.com/p/pweb-suite/wiki/About . Here where i took the info. BECAUSE I DO MY JOB and Watch the original source. There is no typos !!!

In fact, More than 90% of TheHackersNews posts come from ToolsWatch.org

What else ?

All in all, Thanks for stealing us. You are stealing the best !!!



The post has been changed today (Sunday 9 Sept) just after publishing and people start retweeting and spreading the news. I will relate other news they steal from us. They are a huge bunch of postings since Security-Database days.

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