Seccubus v2.0 beta 5 available

Seccubus v2.0 beta 5 available

Seccubus is a tool to automatically fire regular security scans with Nessus. Compare results of the current scan with the previous scan and report on the delta in a web interface. Main objective of the tool is to make repeated scans more efficient.


Bigs fixed (tickets closed):
91 - Scan_ids is a mandatory parameter

New features / Issues res0lved
Fixed major perf0rmance issues
Fixed installer bug

Bigs fixed (tickets closed):
82 - fails to write all necesary files
83 - convert_v2_v2 does not work with default install directory from RPM (/var/lib/seccubus)
84 - getWorkspaces slow with large database
85 - getScans slow with large databases
86 - getFindings slow with workspaces with lots of findings


NJ Ouchn

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