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Published on August 17th, 2012 | by NJ Ouchn


Oracle Audit Vault v10.3 available

Regulatory compliance, privacy, consolidation, and outsourcing are just a few of the business challenges demanding stronger security controls on databases. Auditing plays an especially vital role in monitoring the activities of privileged users who maintain databases on a daily basis. Privileged accounts are a prime target for those seeking to steal sensitive data, including customer data and intellectual property.

Oracle Audit Vault Overview Graphic

Oracle Audit Vault automates the consolidation and monitoring of audit data from Oracle and non-Oracle databases. Oracle Audit Vault provides robust built-in security that prevents unauthorized access to the consolidated audit data by privileged users administering the Oracle Audit Vault repository. Once consolidated, Oracle Audit Vault removes audit data from the source systems where the audit data was generated, simplifying the management of auditing across the enterprise.

Oracle Audit Vault provides dozens of built-in reports that can be used by auditors and security personnel to closely monitor database activity. Reports can be viewed dynamically using the Oracle Audit Vault console or scheduled and emailed to designated personnel with attestation required. Oracle Audit Vault alerting can be used for pro-active notification of sensitive events.

Oracle Audit Vault supports collecting audit data starting with Oracle Databases 9i Release 2 (EE, SE1, SE) to the current production release, Microsoft SQL Server Releases 2000, 2005, and 2008, IBM DB2 UDB Releases 8.2 through 9.7 and SAP Sybase ASE Releases 12.5.4 through 15.7. For Oracle Databases, Oracle Audit Vault provides reporting on database entitlements (user privileges and roles) as well as the ability to manage audit settings on Oracle databases.


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