Nishang The PowerShell for Penetration Testing v0.1 Released

Nishang is a collection of scripts and post exploitation framework in PowerShell. The aim is to increase the usage of PowerShell in offensive security and penetration test. Nishang is a result of my own requirements during real life pen tests. Since it is a post exploitation thingy it is assumed that you have a shell access on the machine or using a HID like Teensy to drop the script on the victim.

Why PowerShell? It is easy to learn and powerful (think of Bash in Unix ported to Windows) and is present on every modern Windows macine. If you use PowerShell “properly”, most of the times you would need practically nothing for post exploitation other than powershell.

Currently, Nishang includes only those payloads and scripts which do not require you to be an administrator on the machine. That is, no priv shell is required. The payloads are of varied complexity (for the user), while there are simpler ones like Download, Keylogger and Information Gatherer to complex ones like DNS_TXT_Pwnage and Wait_For_Command. All the payloads and scripts come with help.

Nishang has been demoed at Blackhat Arsenal 2012 by the awesome Nikhil Mittal


NJ Ouchn

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