Mobius Forensic Toolkit v0.5.14 Released

Mobius Forensic Toolkit is a forensic framework written in Python/GTK that manages cases and case items, providing an abstract interface for developing extensions. Cases and item categories are defined using XML files for easy integration with other tool.


Changelog v0.5.14

  • new extension imagefile-raw
  • new extension imagefile-split
  • new extensiion imagefile-ewf
  •  data-sourcerer: export imagefiles as 4GB split
  • data-viewer: horiz. scrollbar added
  • data-viewer: bytes per line menu option implemented
  • datasource-talon: handles file DND directly
  • datasource-ewf: handles file DND directly
  • datasource-ewf: support to multiple segment files
  • datasource-dossier: handles file DND directly
  • datasource-solo: handles file DNd directly
  • datasource-scsi: handles file DND directly
  • datasource-raw: handles file DND directly
  • datasource-model: service datasource.get-writer eliminated
  • datasourc-model: service eliminated
  • resources datasource.handler renamed to agent.datasource
  • resource dnd-file.handler renamed to ui.dnd-file
  • uri: seek/tell bug fixed
  • uri/uri-file: re-designed for better separation between handler and streams
  • uri-file: method ReadStream.get_size implemented
  • skype-sqlite: handles NuLL chatnames
  • app.add-resource priority level eliminated


NJ Ouchn

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