Blackhat Arsenal 2012 Releases: zCore IPS & zAnti- Modern Smartphone Security

Blackhat Arsenal 2012 Releases: zCore IPS & zAnti- Modern Smartphone Security

zCore IPS™ is our comprehensive Mobile Intrusion Prevention System designed specifically for smartphones.Modern smartphones are not as safe as you might think, they suffer from the same vulnerabilities that have haunted the popular x86 architecture in PCs for years.

Jailbreaks and other vulnerabilities are being discovered on a daily basis, enterprises and governments are being targeted via the weakest link in their security chain. “Smartphone and other mobile devices. According to CSO magazine, 8,608 new mobile malware were identified in the first three months of 2012.”

The awareness of cyber-espionage has increased significantly with the recent discovery of malware such as Stuxnet and Flame, and with the discovery of attacks such as Aurora, which targeted Google. Hacking your computer has become harder with time. Consequently, attackers desperately seek additional entry points, this is where the smartphones and tablets with features like VPN access provide a perfect target.

Blackhat Arsenal 2012: Zimperium Crew demoying zCore IPS to Kevin Mitnick

Hacking smartphones is becoming commonplace and we are about to witness the next Aurora-style attack targeting smartphones.

zCore’s elevated permission allows low-level OS integrity inspection by implementing zCore on either the firmware or Core OS level of a device. A typical modern attack aim key peoples in your organization, using their mobile device as a mobile entry point to your organization, using features like Virtual-Private-Network.

zCore IPS™ has been crafted to meet the comprehensive mobile security needs of enterprises, governments and mobile carriers.

Providing protection against Zero-day attacks using our unique feature zMitigation:
A highly effective technology that stops zero-day, malicious network attacks, targeted attacks such as cyber-espionage, APT and widespread worm-based threats. zMitigation stops even advanced attackers capable of manipulating your operator’s base station.

Key features:

  • Recognizes and prevents network-based attacks in real time.
  • Preemptive prevention of widespread attacks (worms).
  • Critical vulnerabilities patching.
  • Zero-day protection against unpatched vulnerabilities and government-grade targeted attacks.

zCore creates the essential layer of security for smartphones and tablets, protecting you against modern cyber-espionage.

Blackhat Arsenal 2012: Zimperium team in action

zAnti: Android Network Toolkit

Award winning Mobile Penetration Testing tool specifically built for smartphones. zANTI is the currently released version of code name ANTI (Android Network Toolkit). After over a year of beta testing with approximately 100,000 IT managers and Penetration Testers around the globe, ANTI is the first penetration testing framework for mobile devices.

To further develop current security tests. which must be performed on a comprehensive professional pentest, zAnti is going to be open-source soon, equipped with zAnti platforms.

zANTI allows Pen-testers and IT administrators to get a full network assessment by the click of a button and boasts the following features:

  • Search for common vulnerabilities
  • Get a detailed cloud-based report to fix recognized vulnerabilities including wise analysis for critical flaws.
  • Perform password audit to check for password complexity.
  • Find mis-configuration of devices firewall by detecting open ports.
  • Check if network is vulnerable to MITM and common Client side, Server side vulnerabilities.
  • Discover insecure traffic and cookies affecting network’s privacy.
  • Visualise your network by watching captured images, recorded from unsecured network communication.

Download zAnti Next ToolsTube with Yaniv Karta about zCore & zAnti

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