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Blackhat Arsenal 2012 Releases: ThreadFix Vulnerability Aggregation Solution v1.0 Beta 20

ThreadFix is an open source software vulnerability aggregation and management system that allows software security teams to reduce the time it takes to fix software vulnerabilities. ThreadFix imports the results from dynamic, static and manual testing to provide a centralized view of software security defects across development teams and projects. The system allows companies to correlate testing results and streamline software remediation efforts by simplifying feeds to software issue trackers.

Dan Cornell just before the Interview Session

By auto generating web application firewall rules, this system also allows companies to protect vulnerable applications while remediation activities occur. ThreadFix empowers managers with vulnerability trending reports that demonstrate software security progress over time.

The Awesome Denim Crew just before The show.

Download Latest Release of ThreadFix
Next ToolsTube with Dan about ThreadFix and new coming releases




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