A Day in the Blackhat Arsenal without Brad ‘TheNurse’ Smith

A Day in the Blackhat Arsenal without Brad ‘TheNurse’ Smith

This year, The Blackhat Arsenal had a bitter aftertaste without the participation of a renowned computer security guy. I named Brad ‘TheNurse’ Smith. As you already know, Brad had a massive stroke several months ago and he still fighing to pull through with the help of his family and the fabulous community of hackers.

Brad 'Nurse' Smith with me (@toolswatch) at the Arsenal Booth. It was really fun to talk to 'Nurse'
With Brad last year at the Blackhat Arsenal 2011. See also this Interview of Brad Talking about the Hackers Community and what they bring for the Arsenal

This small video is just a thought for him in his difficult times hoping to see him again up and back on the forefront of scene with his energy, his contagious laughter and good mood. Brad is a fantastic and human guy always willing to help and share his knowledge.

Here is a dedicated website if you want to stay updated & to help

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