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Published on June 8th, 2012 | by MaxiSoler


Intercepter-NG v0.9.3 & Console Edition v0.1 Released

Intercepter-NG is a suite for sniffing that also has a Console edition.

Sniffing passwords\hashes of the types:

  • Sniffing chat messages of ICQ\AIM\JABBER\YAHOO\MSN\IRC\MRA
  • Promiscuous-mode\ARP\DHCP\Gateway\Smart Scanning
  • Raw mode\eXtreme\Resurrection mode
  • Capturing packets and post-capture (offline) analyzing
  • Remote traffic capturing via RPCAP daemon
  • Works on Windows NT(2K\XP\2k3\Vista\7).

Intercepter-NG Changelog v0.9.3

  • Major update of sslstripping code
  • UAC Manifest added to .exe
  • openssl+zlib linked statically
  • IRC moved to Messengers Mode
  • New Resurrection Mode – reconstruction of HTTP\FTP\SMB\IMAP\POP3\SMTP files
  • updated WiFi Mode and improved MiTMs code
  • RAW mode updated
  • Cookie grabber added
  • Intercepter converts Raw IP Data captures to Ethernet frames
  • a lot of small changes

Console Edition Changelog v0.1

  • New Intercepter Console Edition is available now.
  • It works on any *nix including IOS and Android.
  • Special thanks to nimmox for testing and building android version.

More Information:

Download Intercepter-NG v0.9.3 & Intercepter-NG [Console Edition 0.1]

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