CIntruder v0.2 Beta Released

CIntruder (Captcha Intruder) is an automatic pentesting tool to bypass captchas.

Changelog v0.2

  • Code cleaning
  • Rebuiled input parameter options
  • Created OCR modularity (core/mods)
  • Added –list modules option
  • Added –mod selector option
  • Builded module example (easy captcha)
  • Added handlering with other tools
  • Added connectivity with Ostatus
  • Created distributed online dictionary
  • Added launcher to view CIntruderNet
  • Updated docs


CIntruder runs on many platforms. It requires Python and the following libraries:

  • python-pycurl – Python bindings to libcurl
  • python-libxml2 – Python bindings for the GNOME XML library
  • python-imaging – Python Imaging Library

More Information: here

Download CIntruder v0.2 Beta

MaxiSoler @maxisoler