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Published on April 9th, 2012 | by NJ Ouchn


RitX Reverse Ip Lookup Tool v1.5 released

RitX is a Reverse IP Lookup Tool that will allows you to use an IP address or domain name to identify all currently domains hosted on a server using multiple services and various techniques
RitX is a Perl script which uses multiple web services that provide this feature.

This is the list of services that RitX support:

  • Ewhois.com
  • Viewdns.info
  • Yougetsignal.com
  • Myiptest.com
  • Ip-adress.com
  • DNStrails.com
  • My-ip-neighbors.com
  • Domainsbyip.com
  • Bing.com
  • Whois.WebHosting.info
  • Robtex.com
  • Tools.web-max.ca
  • Sameip.org

Current Version: 1.5


  • now RitX can check if the website uses CloudFlare.
  • now RitX can retreive more than 50.000 domain
  • user requested interrupt (CTRL+C) now is handled.
  • now checked domains are now saved to (IP-checked.txt)
  • added ewhois.com and DNStrails.com services
  • added –list option to list all available services
  • added proxy support (–proxy)
  • added User-Agent header change option (–user-agent)
  • added README and CHANGELOG files
  • removed reverseip.us
  • fixed robtex and ViewDNS.info functions
  • replaced IP resolution with DNS resolution for extracted domains to eleminate old records.
  • improved multi-threading functions
  • removed support for shared variables threads::shared (slow)
  • minor bugs fixed.
  • major code refactoring.



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