Enema v1.6 The Powerful tool for SQL injection released

Logo Enema is not autohacking software. This is dynamic tool for people, who knows what to do.

Current stable version: 1.6

  • Whats new:
    1. Added Blind Time-based MSSQL(waitfor), MySQL(sleep)

Latest development version:

 svn checkout http://enema.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ enema-dev

  • Features:
    1. Multi-platform.
    2. User-friendly graphical interface.
    3. Multithreaded.
    4. Dump.
    5. Customise your queries
    6. Plugins to automate attacks
  • Supported for today:
    1. POST, GET, Cookies
    2. MSSQL >=2000 and MySQL>=5.0
  • Injection methods supported for today:
    1. Error based injection.
    2. Union based injection (using subquery).
    3. Blind Time-based MSSQL(waitfor), MySQL(sleep)


NJ Ouchn

"Passion is needed for any great work, and for the revolution, passion and audacity are required in big doses"