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Published on March 28th, 2012 | by MaxiSoler


WebSploit v1.5 Released

WebSploit is an open source tool for scan and analysis vulnerabilities in Web Applications.


  • Autopwn – Used From Metasploit For Scan and Exploit Target Service
  • wmap – Scan,Crawler Target Used From Metasploit wmap plugin
  • format infector – inject reverse & bind payload into file format
  • phpmyadmin – Search Target phpmyadmin login page
  • lfi – Scan,Bypass local file inclusion Vulnerability & can be bypass some WAF
  • apache users – search server username directory (if use from apache webserver)
  • Dir Bruter – brute target directory with wordlist
  • admin finder – search admin & login page of target
  • MLITM Attack – Man Left In The Middle, XSS Phishing Attacks
  • MITM – Man In The Middle Attack

More information: here

Download WebSploit v1.5

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