WeBaCoo v0.2.3 Released

WeBaCoo (WeBackdoor Cookie) is a tiny stealth PHP backdoor. It uses the HTTP Cookie Header for data transfer, in order to simulate a remote “terminal” connection with the backdoored server.

WeBaCoo offers a generate mode to create the PHP backdoor code using predefined payloads. It also offers the “terminal” mode where the user can establish a remote “terminal” connection with the server and execute desired commands under the web service’s running user privileges.

Changelog v0.2.3

  • Single command execution mode (-e flag)
  • Multi HTTP methods suppot (-m flag)
  • Execute external CMDs inside main console
  • Download extension module
  • Stealth extension module
  • Fix color print bug under Windows OS

Download WeBaCoo v0.2.3


www.artssec.com @maxisoler