Syhunt Sandcat Browser v2.0 Released

Sandcat Browser is a freeware portable pen-test oriented multi-tabbed web browser with extensions support developed by the Syhunt team, the same creators of the Sandcat web application security scanner.

The Sandcat Browser is built on top of Chromium, the same engine that powers the Google Chrome browser, and uses the Lua language to provide extensions and scripting support.

Changelog 2.0

  • Sandcat Browser version 2.0 includes several user interface and experience improvements, an improved extension system, RudraScript support and new extensions.

User Interface & Experience Enhancements

  • New windows will now open in new Tabs.
  • Navigation bar now behaves like Firefox’s or Opera’s.
  • Improved multi-tab support.
  • Improved source tab.
  • Added a simple cookie logging extension.

Sandcat Browser Extension Development Kit

  • The Sandcat Browser Extension Development Kit is now available at this link. It also includes the source of all the Sandcat Browser extensions.

Improved Extension System

  • Fixed: crash when using the Run JavaScript option (when calling the sandcat.browser.log() function).
  • sandcat.browser.log() function replaced by Sandcat.WriteLn() and Sandcat.Write().

Added RudraScript

  • Syhunt RudraScript allows you to easily execute code in JavaScript, PascalScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby & VBScript from within the browser and the browser extensions.

Download Sandcat Browser v2.0


MaxiSoler @maxisoler