Seccubus v2.0 Beta 3 (Black Hat EU 2012 Edition) Released

Tool to automatically fire regular security scans with Nessus. Compare results of the current scan with the previous scan and report on the delta in a web interface. Main objective of the tool is to make repeated scans more efficient.

Changelog v2.0 Beta 3

New features / Issues resolved

  • Nessus5 tested and found compatilble
  • Findings can now be opened and edited individually
  • The edit finding dialog shows the change history of the finding
  • Long(ish) findings now render with a more link that allows you to expand the
  •   the finding, causing the findigns table to generally dispaly more compact.
  • Clarified the purpose of status buttons, filters and bul update form in GUI.
  • Added the capability to filter on severity, finding text and remark text
  • Added the ability for scan scripts to add attachments to runs
  • All scan scripts add attachments to runs
  • Script to convert Seccubus v1 data to V2 data adds attachments to runs
  • Scan history can now be viewed in the GUI and attachments can be dowloaded
  • IP numbers now sort correctly
  • Restyled status buttons and edit button
  • Removed www/oldstyle GUI
  • Removed Seccubus.Scan.List

Bigs fixed (tickets closed):

60 – Not all items from a Nikto scan appear to create a finding in Seccubus
62 – Default locations for config.xml does not include ~seccubus/etc/config.xml
67 – Links in top right of UI do nothing
71 – Scan result should “window shade” in the UI to hide lengthy text
75 – Bulk update: Comments only get added when you select overwrite
74 – Minor bugs in nmap2ivil when using nmap 5.21

More Information: here

Download Seccubus v2.0. Beta 3 (Black Hat EDU 2012 Edition)

Thank you Frank Breedijk 😉

MaxiSoler @maxisoler