CANAPE v1.0 (Black Hat EU 2012 Edition) Released

Canape is a network testing tool for arbitrary protocols, but specifically designed for binary ones. It contains built in functionality to implement standard network proxies and provide the user the ability to capture and modify traffic to and from a server.

The core can be extended through multiple programming languages including C# and Python, to parse any protocol as required thereby creating custom proxies tailored to the testing. It works at the network application layer supporting both TCP and UDP connections through port forwarding or by implementing a SOCKS or HTTP proxy. It does not capture data at the Ethernet, IP or TCP layers directly.

Its main strength is reducing the amount of development effort usually associated with effectively testing a new protocol. By providing a common mechanism to capture and manipulate traffic, it aims to allow the security researcher to only develop the minimal amount of code for the truly bespoke aspects of a protocol.

Download CANAPE v1.0 (Black Hat EU 2012 Edition)

Thank you Mike Jordon & James Forshaw 😉

MaxiSoler @maxisoler