FreeDOS v1.1 DOS Operating System

FreeDOS is a free DOS-compatible operating system for IBM-PC compatible systems. FreeDOS is made of up many different, separate programs that act as packages to the overall FreeDOS Project. FreeDOS is distributed under the GNU GPL.


  • FreeDOS 1.1 Base CD
  • Contains packages from BASE, and several useful utilities
  • Install only, does not include LiveCD
  • 39 MB

FreeDOS is a free DOS-compatible operating system.

  • Easy multiboot with Win95-2003 and NT/XP/ME
  • FAT32 file system and large disk support (LBA)
  • LFN support via DOSLFN driver
  • XDMA & XDVD – UDMA driver for hard discs and DVD players
  • LBACACHE – disk cache
  • Memory Managers: JEMM386 (XMS, EMS,…)
    • possibility of writing 32-bit protected mode drivers (JLMs=Jemm Loadable Module)
  • SHSUCDX (MSCDEX replacement) and CD-ROM driver (XCDROM)
  • CUTEMOUSE – Mouse driver with scroll wheel support
  • FDAPM – APM info/control/suspend/poweroff, ACPI throttle, HLT energy saving…
  • MPXPLAY – media player for mp3, ogg, wmv… with built-in AC97 and SB16 drivers; has a user interface
  • 7ZIP, INFO-ZIP zip & unzip… – modern archivers are available for DOS
  • EDIT / SETEDIT – multi window text editors
  • HTMLHELP – help viewer, can read help directly from a zip file
  • PG – powerful text viewer (similar to V. D. Buerg’s LIST)
  • many text mode programs ported from Linux thanks to DJGPP
  • FreeCOM – command line, supports file completation
  • 4DOS can be installed, which is an enhanced command line.
  • GRAPHICS – greyscale hardcopy on ESC/P, HP PCL and PostScript printers
  • Arachne – a graphical web browser and e-mail client
  • Fdupdate¬†– updates installed FreeDOS from internet server
  • bit torrent client
  • anti-virus / virus scanner
More Information: here

Download FreeDOS v1.1


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