DotDotPwn v3.0 Released

It’s a very flexible intelligent fuzzer to discover traversal  directory vulnerabilities in software such as HTTP/FTP/TFTP servers, Web platforms such as CMSs, ERPs, Blogs, etc.

Also, it has a protocol-independent module to send the desired  payload to the host and port specified. On the other hand, it also could be used in a scripting way using the STDOUT module.

Changelog v3.0

Changes / Enhancements / Features:

  • -X switch that implements the Bisection Algorithm in order to detect the exact deepness once a directory traversal vulnerability has been found. (Wikipedia)
  • -M switch to specify another method different from the default (GET) when the http module is used. Other HTTP methods are [POST | HEAD | COPY | MOVE]
  • -e switch to specify the file extension to be appended at the end of each fuzz string (e.g. “.php”, “.jpg”, “.inc”)

Fuzzing modules supported in this version:

  • HTTP
  • FTP
  • TFTP
  • Payload (Protocol independent)

Download DotDotPwn v3.0

MaxiSoler @maxisoler