Best Tools Report 2011 by ToolsWatch Service

Best Tools and Utilities focused during 2011, with the analysis from ToolsWatch Service.

The world is changing, the security information too. For years we see that the protests are made by people – face to face – using violence and the media to disseminate what happens at that time.

LulzSec and others organized groups like Anonymous have threatened huge companies, defending what they believed right. Changing the way of manifestation from political to social issues.

Great personalities related to the technology and information security world have passed away. These include publicly the following people: Steven Paul Jobs, Dennis Ritchie, John McCarthy and Paul ‘CrashFR’ Pinto.

Talent people that created and innovated. Leading theories and tools that we know today and are used as the basis of creation.

From we create this inform developed through ToolsWatch vision with the best tools and applications that we have focused during 2011.


  • Scoring Criteria
  • Open Source & Free Utilities
  • – Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking
  • – Security Assessment
  • Commercial Software
  • Links and References
  • 2011 Security News in Brief
  • – What Happened
  • – Cool Papers
  • – The Great Loss
  • – Top Hacks
  • – Conferences
  • – The worst and stupid Internet Strategy

Enjoy it!

Download PDF: Best Tools Report 2011

This Report is made by Nabil OUCHN and Maximiliano SOLER.

MaxiSoler @maxisoler