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Published on January 8th, 2012 | by MaxiSoler


Seccubus v2.0. Beta 1 Released

Tool to automatically fire regular security scans with Nessus. Compare results of the current scan with the previous scan and report on the delta in a web interface. Main objective of the tool is to make repeated scans more efficient.

With this version Seccubus v1 is now officially no longer under active development. This means that no new features will be added and bug may, or may not, be fixed, depending on the urgency of the bug and the effort involved in fixing it.

The key differences between verison 1 and version 2 are:

  • Findings are stored in a relational database in stead of on the filesystem.
  • Seccubus uses XML RPC to communicatie with Nessus, this also means that it can communicate with both the professional feed and home feed version.
  • There is no need for the webserver to read files from the Seccubus user anymore.
  • Scans are organized into workspaces, allowing scans of the same kind, or same target to be group into a workspace and viewed together.

Changelog v2.0.beta1

New features / Issues resolved

With this release Seccubus goes into BETA phase. It also marks the end of active development for Seccubus V1 (last current version is 1.5.5)

Seccubus V1 is still maintained at a minimum level, meaning that if bugs are found and they are not too complex to fix, they will be fixed, but no new features will be added to the V1 branch of the product.

GUI rewrite

  • Old GUI is in /oldstyle
  • Complete GUI code was rewritten using JMVC framework
  • Those www api calls needed to make this current GUI work have been rewritten to JSON
  • New, less confusing, layout of Findings screen

Bigs fixed (tickets closed):

  • 49 – Incorrect status selection possible in GUI for Gone findings
  • 58 – Cannot give GONE findings the status CLOSED


Download Seccubus v2.0. Beta 1

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