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Published on January 14th, 2012 | by MaxiSoler


nullcon Goa (15-18 Feb 2012) Security Conference (Updated!)

Nullcon (http://nullcon.net) is Asia’s first ever event organized and managed by an official security community and its members. We are a team of security professionals who love what they do and it becomes evident when one attends any of our conferences.


Charlie Miller will not make it for nullcon Goa 2012, due to Visa uncertainty issue.

Hacker challenges
1. HackIM – Pre-nullcon Hacking challenge. Winner gets Free VIP pass and Stay at the conference. To be announced in Jan 2012. If the winner has already purchased the pass it will be reimbursed.
2. BattleUnderground – Our signature hacking challenge at the conference. Winner takes away SANS SEC 504 Training (worth USD 4095)
3. JailBreak – Two days of team based, stressful, engaging and continuously running hacker challenge under house arrest.


Tech Hacking Villages

The villages are an informal, hands-on, learning, discussion Setup which will run parallel to the conference with repeating sessions of 1-1.5 hrs each, so you can register for your slot at a convenient time and not miss your favourite talk. Registration is free for the village but will be on a first some first serve basis. Each session will host only 6-8 attendees at the max.

1. Android Village – Anything and everything you wanted to know about your Android Smart phone, from rooting, exploitation, malware to pentesting and Moding.

2. Hardware Village – Details TBD

Expert Security Trainings on 15-16th Feb 2012
1. Xtreme Web Hacking By Akash Mahajan and Riyaz Walikar
2. Advanced WiFi Security By Vivek Ramachandran
3. Xtreme Xploitation By Omair

Conference (Research Track)

1. Andrew King – AV Bypass: Your Antivirus cannot protect you
2. Rahul Sasi – IVR Security: Internal network attacks via phone lines
3. Atul Alex – Binary God
4. Gursev Kalra – CAPTCHAs for fun and profit
5. Anant, Prashant, Pardhasaradhi – Haxdroid: Empowering Android Handset
6. Bishan Singh – Node.js: The good, bad and ugly
7. Don A. Bailey – War Texting: Weaponizing Machine 2 Machine
8. Justin Searle – Attacking and Defending the Smart Grid
9. Nishant, Sarathi – Ra.2: Blackbox DOM-based XSS scanner
10. Anil, Chaitany – Content Sniffing Algorithm bypassing Techniques and Possible Attack Vectors


Conference (Technical Track)

1. Vivek Ramachandran – WiFi Malware for fun and profit
2. Marc Bown – Sharing the love: Forensics in shared hosting environments
3. Amol Sarwate – SCADA Security: Why is it so hard?
4. Disha Agarwal, Manish Pali – Sandboxing: The deep truth
5. Almerindo Graziano, George Nicolaou – The art of security evasion: From theory to practice and defeating myths
6. Lavakumar – Javascript analysis with IronWASP
7. Nibin Varghese – Attacking Backup Software


Conference (Business Track)

1. Albert Hui – An effective Incident Response Triage framework in the age of APT
2. Hemant Khandelwal – Best practices to improve security grading of your product
3. Pukhraj Singh – Shall We Dust *Beep*? – The Geo-Strategic Realities of Cyberwar
4. More to come soon…





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