OWASP AppSecLatam 2011 (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

I was on OWASP AppSec Latam 2011 (Porto Alegre, Brazil), this was the first AppSec on Latam.

Really I had the pleasure to stay there, stay in contact with the guys behind this nice conference and meet cool people.

4 Days of the Event, 2 for Trainings and 2 for the Talks at PUCRS University.

What I was doing there?

  • I have been accepted to talk about OWASP Mantra Security Framework. For this reason the Team of Mantra released at the same time but in different conferences a new version. Specially for c0c0n Security Conference (India) and the OWASP AppSec Latam (Brazil).


Thank you so much for the Team that made possible this Conference. I felt like in house 🙂

The next OWASP AppSec Latam (2012) will be on Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Big hug from Argentina,



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