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Published on October 14th, 2011 | by MaxiSoler


MagicTree v1.0 – Collaboration Tool for Pentesters

MagicTree is a productivity tool for penetration testers. It allows consolidating data coming from various security tools, query and re-use the data and generate reports. It’s aim is to automate the boring and the mind-numbing work, so you can spend your time hacking.

Changelog Version 1.0

  • Fix for #216 – “Following Xrefs on Mac OS X with Ctrl+Click does not work”
  • Fix for #45 – “Java Desktop API does not work in KDE and XFCE”. Implemented a workaround. Now “View in Browser” and opening reports works on KDE and XFCE (tested on Xubuntu 11.04 and Kubuntu 11.04)
  • Updated report templates to use the data structures from web application scanners
  • mt:join() XPath function should use getValue() rather than toString()
  • Fix for #165 – “Linking cross-references is currently broken”
  • Fix for #209 – “Deleting newly created nodes fails”
  • Support for copy/paste MT data as files.
  • Support for copy/pasting MT nodes as XML text. Select tree nodes, Ctrl+C to copy, paste into text file. MT XML may be pasted into the tree.
  • Support for dragging and dropping files between MT and the OS. Selected nodes can be dragged to desktop – this creates a MT XM file on desktop. Mt XML files may be dragged to MT for merging
  • Implemented multiple node copy paste and drag and drop within the tree. Multiple nodes may be selected
  • and copied or moved. Nodes may also be pasted into multiple locations.
  • Implemented #80. Cross-references can now be created by drag and drop (Select nodes to link to and Ctrl+Shif+drag them to link location. Multiple cross-references can be created)
  • XRef nodes are now correctly displayed after creation
  • Considerable performace inprovements for #199 – “Setting node status for large number of nodes in large tree is slow”
  • Fixed #206 – “Set status recursive is broken”.
  • Fix for #207 – “Saving a query messes up the repository”
  • Fix for #203 – “View in browser broken”
  • Implemented #173 – “XSLT for OpenVAS 4”

Download MagicTree v1.0

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