Black Hat USA 2011: ToolsTube with Willem Mouton on Yeti

Yeti is a Sensepost tool for internet footprinting, fingerprinting and dns mininig. It’s sql database backend and scripting interface makes it a really powerful, yet easy to use tool. So if there is a target out there, the Yeti will find it.

Willem hails from a development background and is responsible for developing most of SensePost’s internal tools. With his mind-set being very much that of a builder, his skills at penetration testing ensure he gains root on many assessments, due to him knowing where weaknesses are often introduced during the development phase.

Willem Mouton – Yeti from toolswatch on Vimeo.


Behind The Scenes

Willem on Yeti during the Arsenal Tools BH 2011

Funny moment between Ferruh (Netsparker) and Willem (Yeti) talking about Application Dev


NJ Ouchn

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