GMER Rootkit Scanner v1.0.15.15640 released

GMER is an application that detects and removes rootkits .

It scans for:

  • hidden processes
  • hidden threads
  • hidden modules
  • hidden services
  • hidden files
  • hidden disk sectors (MBR)
  • hidden Alternate Data Streams
  • hidden registry keys
  • drivers hooking SSDT
  • drivers hooking IDT
  • drivers hooking IRP calls
  • inline hooks

    GMER application:   or ZIP archive: ( 295kB )
    It’s recommended to download randomly named EXE (click button above) because some malware won’t let gmer.exe launch.
    Userland rootkit detector: catchme.exe ( 25kB )
    MBR rootkit detector: mbr.exe ( 70kB )
    Example of rootkit scanning and removal gmer.wmv ( 87kB Windows Media Video 9 codec )
    Sample of undetectable rootkit: test.wmv ( 950kB Windows Media Video 9 codec )
    Gromozon rootkit unhooking : gromozon.wmv ( 0,6MB Windows Media Video 9 codec )
    Log samples: Rustock.B, Gromozon, Haxdoor, hxdef, BadRKDemo
    IceSword + DarkSpy + GMER + pe386 rootkit : pe386.wmv ( 0,5MB Windows Media Video 9 codec )

    NJ Ouchn

    "Passion is needed for any great work, and for the revolution, passion and audacity are required in big doses"