Network Security Toolkit v2.13.0 build 1713 available (Now Pro Services)

The Network Security Toolkit is a bootable ISO live CD/DVD is based on Fedora 8. The toolkit was designed to provide easy access to best-of-breed Open Source Network Security Applications and should run on most x86 platforms.

This release is based on Fedora 11 using Linux Kernel: “″. The architecture for building an NST distribution has been completely redesigned and engineered. Starting with this release, All system, network and security applications are now included as RPM packages. This allowed us to take advantage of the Fedora Live CD Project for spinning off an “NSTLive” distribution. This project will also help make it easier to develop future releases of NST.

Summary of NST changes with the release of the NST Pro service:

  • A new NST 32 bit ISO maintenance release: NST13 (v2.13.0-1713) is available for Download to both the general public NST user and the NST Pro subscriber user.
  • Future NST 32 bit ISOs will be delayed for the general public NST user.
  • NST source code will always be available for all users to build NST from scratch. Instruction can be found here: HowTo Build NST 2.13.0
  • NST Pro subscriber users will have full access to the NST RPM YUM repository for current updates and new features. All non subscribers will be able to build and maintain their own RPM YUM repositories using the source code.
  • NST Pro subscriber users will have access to all NST Pro ISO and virtual machine images including 64 bit builds.

Thank you for your support and consideration in purchasing an NST Pro subscription. Summary for the NST13 (v2.13.0-1713) maintenance release:

  • All NST packages that requirelibpcap have been recompiled using libpcap v1.1.1.
  • Most major network security applications have been updated to their latest version.
  • Many NSTWUI performance improvements and browser consistency across all OSs.
  • NST Pro registration code and repository access have been integrated into NST.

Download NST Free Release


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