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Published on June 17th, 2011 | by NJ Ouchn


FireCAT officially integrated with New Mantra Gandiva Release !!

Mantra is a security framework which can be very helpful in performing all the five phases of attacks including reconnaissance, scanning and enumeration, gaining access, escalation of privileges, maintaining access, and covering tracks. Apart from that it also contains a set of tools targeted for web developers and code debuggers which makes it handy for both offensive security and defensive security related tasks.

Mantra is lite, flexible, portable and user friendly with a nice graphical user interface. You can carry it in memory cards, flash drives, CD/DVDs, etc. It can be run natively on Linux, Windows and Mac platforms. It can also be installed on to your system within minutes. Mantra is absolutely free of cost and takes no time for you to set up.

OWASP Mantra Security Toolkit Gandiva release came up with lots of changes. Let’s see what’s this new release holds for us

First Look:

[Image: 5838097685_33ab7e5872.jpg]

Gandiva is coming with a sleek and simple design which gives lot of space to play with. It is also to be noted that the new base ( Firefox 4 ) makes it pretty.

New Menu System:

[Image: 5838097851_c1ceddaa24.jpg]

Mantra has replaced the normal Tools menu with “Ayudha”. By introducing this new Ayudha menu, Mantra has successfully integrated FireCAT into the project. Now its very easy to access our favorite tools since they are classified and structured well.


[Image: 5838650234_6b01a2e39d.jpg]

Bookmarks menu is coming with another surprise. Here Mantra integrated another project called Open Penetration Testing Bookmarks Collection which brings lots of information security related links.

URL/Search bar:

[Image: 5838098169_0aece748b7.jpg]

Now there is only bar which integrated address and search bar. Mantra comes with lots of search options even though it searches on Google by default. User can switch between them simply by clicking on the respective icon. Apart from that lots of information regarding the current web page can be found on the bar along with a country icon. Clicking on each icon brings detailed description about them.


The Mantra is a powerful set of tools to make the attacker

Download Mantra

FireCAT official website

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