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Published on June 12th, 2011 | by NJ Ouchn


EXCLUSIVE !! Collaborative platform for detection, prediction and correction of vulnerabilities in Web applications

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VulneraNET enhances the security of web applications using procedures and tools that are used at different stages of the life cycle of application development. The platform VulneraNET facilitates the detection, management and resolution of vulnerabilities by 2.0 and semantic web techniques, reducing the time and effort to correct vulnerabilities.

The tools it provides, can be used at different levels, according to people involved in the process of development and testing of a project (developers, project managers and security auditors) and without having extensive knowledge in the area security.

What does VulneraNET to computer security?

This platform allows to increase the security of web applications by:

  • Knowledge management application security consulting web 2.0 and semantic technologies for screening procedures, prediction and correction of vulnerabilities. These technologies are applied through a semantic wiki vulnerabilities .
  • Information management of vulnerabilities by creating a format for the exchange of security vulnerabilities that can be used by the different tools involved in VulneraNET .
  • Detection of vulnerabilities through security auditing tools that are black box techniques ( Wapiti ) and white box ( LAPSE + ).
  • Centralized management of vulnerabilities found by a control panel that allows grouped vulnerabilities found by the different tools for detecting vulnerabilities .
  • Automated generation of safety reports , may collect information from different tools for processing ( semantic wiki vulnerabilities and detection tools .)
  • Tracking resolution of vulnerabilities and may identify, manage, and assign them to members of a team for resolution and see the overall status of the project.

This version brings new features:

  • More integration of security tools: In addition to Wapiti , in this new version is integrated with LAPSE + and Vulnerabilities prediction tool .
  • Most comprehensive vulnerability reports : the reports have been enhanced with more information, summary section and statistical graphics to see generally the condition of the application.
  • Improved integration of vulnerability and incident management: From the incidents you can see the vulnerability which opened this issue.
  • Improved integration with the semantic wiki vulnerabilities : users can go to the specific page of a vulnerability within the semantic wiki from the reports section of vulnerabilities. In this way users can find information about this vulnerability more quickly.

The application and its manuals can be downloaded from the following addresses:

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