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Published on June 2nd, 2011 | by NJ Ouchn


Downloading from Mobile App Stores Is a Risky Business

In the past few years, vulnerabilities in network services have become increasingly
difficult to find in widely deployed server software. Attackers have also found
more effective ways to make money from hosts compromised using client-side
vulnerabilities. This improvement in security and in the ability for attackers to make
money has led to a shift in focus from network-based to client-side vulnerability
research. Researchers now find more vulnerabilities in popular client applications
such as Microsoft Office, web browsers, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Reader, while
seeing fewer in traditional targets such as Apache HTTP Server, OpenSSH, and
Microsoft RPC. This shift has paralleled the growth in malware exploiting client-side
vulnerabilities on compromised websites or coupled with spam. With the everexpanding
prevalence and growing importance of mobile applications, a further shift
in focus to mobile application security—particularly client-side vulnerabilities in apps
such as Mobile Safari—is both predictable and underway.

The whitepaper is available from here

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