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Published on May 12th, 2011 | by NJ Ouchn


Network Security Toolkit v2.13.0 build 2066 released

The Network Security Toolkit is a bootable ISO live CD/DVD is based on Fedora 8. The toolkit was designed to provide easy access to best-of-breed Open Source Network Security Applications and should run on most x86 platforms.

This release is based on Fedora 11 using Linux Kernel: “″. The architecture for building an NST distribution has been completely redesigned and engineered. Starting with this release, All system, network and security applications are now included as RPM packages. This allowed us to take advantage of the Fedora Live CD Project for spinning off an “NSTLive” distribution. This project will also help make it easier to develop future releases of NST.


  • Roll up of enhancements and fixes since the 2.13.0-1729 release.
  • Fedora packages updated as of 2011-05-10.
  • Create a IDS to KML conversion
  • Update the Metasploit package
  • Add barnyard2 package to the distribution
  • NST WUI Enhancements
  • Fix the vkeyboard package
  • Add the Suricata IDS engine
  • Clean up VMware vmx files so pre-built Virtual Machine images will open in VMware Player
  • Enhance the Subversion/Trac setup and management features
  • Add the ipt_NETFLOW kernel module and create a ipt_netflow script
  • Add the nfdump package to the NST distribution
  • Fix snort ID
  • Add support for Netflow data to the Active Connections page
  • Add support for ip_conntrack data to the Active Connections page
  • Add JSON method to perform host name lookups
  • Fix missing package in minimal build which prevents easy NST Pro licensing
  • Provide a mechanism to display active connection information on a map.
  • For a list of the packages included, see the 2.13.0-2066 manifest.
  • A virtual image of this release has not been provided as you can run: “yum update” to bring a earlier release of the NST virtual machine up to date.


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