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Published on April 14th, 2011 | by NJ Ouchn


!! Exclusive !! Say Hello to Loggy The Log Management in the Cloud

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Loggly is a cloud based logging service. With Loggly, you can collect logs from your servers and then quickly search them with an intuitive user interface.

We make looking at logs fast, fun and easy!

Loggly helps you collect, index, and store all your log data and then makes it accessible through search for analysis and reporting. All this is done without having to download or install anything on your servers. It’s like magic

Why Choose Loggly?

Loggly is different from your normal log management tool. Loggly runs in the cloud and therefore offers all of the benefits of a cloud-based service or a software as a service solution (SaaS).

No Installation Necessary

As a user you don’t have to provide your own machines to install the software on. You don’t have to install the tool on your machines and configure it to run optimally in your environment, with the exception of configuring the data sources to deliver data to the service.

Cloud Service

Loggly’s infrastructure resides in the cloud. This makes it easy for you to point your logs at us. You get all the benefits of a software as a service offering. Say goodbye to complexity. You don’t have to wait for weeks to get software up and running. Start logging now!

No Server or Software Maintenance

Loggly and Loggly’s cloud provider take care of maintaining the infrastructure, making sure it is available and performant when you need access to your logs.

Great Scalability

By using the elastic nature of the cloud, higher load is automatically distributed across more machines. Large-scale reporting, for example, becomes a very quick task. If the infrastructure is saturated, new machines are automatically added to the setup to handle the extra load.

No Up Front Investment

No up front investment necessary, you reduce your risk of locking into a software solution. Once you decide to purchase the Loggly service, we run your service at a fraction of the cost you would incur yourself.

One Place for All Your Logs

Everything is collected and maintained in one place, making it possible to cross-correlate and analyze all the data. In the future, Loggly will be adding features that utilize community and collaboration capabilities.

Log Collection

Logs from any data source, operating systems, middleware, Web servers, database servers, and applications themselves are collected in one single place to allow cross-correlation of all of the data.

  • Simple setup and configuration. No need to dive into complicated configuration files to make the solution work with your environment. A few settings in the user interface suffice.
  • Data source agnostic. No parsers needed. Any textual data from any vendor can be indexed, stored, and analyzed.
  • Secure data transport. Loggly speaks both syslog and HTTP. Syslog can be sent over UDP or TCP, but also via SSL. HTTP Posts are accepted either plain text or secured via HTTPS.

Log Storage and Retention

All collected logs are stored in a distributed data store and maintained for as long as the user needs them to be stored.

  • Loggly manages all the data and provides access control for the log records.
  • Storing your logs with Loggly guarantees the integrity of your log records, allowing you to prove the originality of log records in compliance and security related scenarios.

Log Search

Once the logs are collected, Loggly creates a full-text index of all of the data. There is no need for parsers or connectors that understand the data format. The nature of applying a full-text index takes care of any data format. The indexes then guarantee quick data access across all of the collected data. The cloud-based architecture allows for large indexes and fast search times across all of the data.

  • An easy and intuitive user interface helps the user get his job done.
  • Search is extremely fast across all of the user’s data due to an extremely reliable, cloud-scale infrastructure.
  • A shell-like search experience makes your developers feel at home and allows them to quickly and easily pivot and search the data.

API Access

The logging platform provides a RESTful API. Using HTTP requests, the user can query their data, and read, create, update, and delete any resource in the system. All the data returned by the APIs is formatted in JSON, making it easy to incorporate Loggly into third-party and customer applications.

  • A rich set of RESTful APIs can be used to query and manage the data from any external application.
  • Loggly supports oAuth authentication for third-party applications to access your data.
  • Read more about our API here.

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