EMC Acquires NetWitness Corporation

Since its founding in 2006, NetWitness has had one goal – to empower your organization to solve the most challenging network security problems with the industry’s most innovative technology solutions. Over the past four-and-a-half years, NetWitness has had the honor of working with the world’s foremost security teams from leading organizations in government, financial services, energy, technology and many other Global 1000 organizations. We’ve also cultivated a community of NetWitness Investigator™ freeware users of 50,000 security experts, and built relationships of trust with a multitude of technology and systems integration partners around the world. I thank all of you for your support and direct involvement in redefining network security monitoring with us.

Today marks a historic milestone for NetWitness and our journey together. I’m excited to announce that NetWitness Corporation has been acquired by information infrastructure leader EMC Corporation, and will operate as a line of business under RSA, The Security Division of EMC. As a member of the EMC family, NetWitness will:

  • Further strengthen our ability to innovate and rapidly bring to market revolutionary network monitoring solutions focused on the most critical threat areas
  • Deliver and support NetWitness solutions more effectively on a global scale
  • Reach new customers and market opportunities

The NetWitness team will continue to focus on what you already have come to expect from us: delivery and support of the most advanced network security solutions in the industry. Recent events reinforce the passion and commitment we have shared for years – to help you combat zero-day attacks, targeted and advanced threats, and other sophisticated security problems. Our revolutionary approach to product innovation and the relationships we share with our valued customers and partners will not change. You will continue to receive the same exceptional service you have come to expect from the NetWitness team. You will see the same faces, receive the same communications, and hear the same voices on the phone. The NetWitness team will be at your service now and into the future.

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NJ Ouchn

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