Wophcrack The Ophcrack Web Interface

Source: Exploit.co.il

Rainbow tables are really useful when cracking password hashes, One disadvantage of these tables is their size which can get up to tens and even hundreds of gigs.

I really liked the Offensive security Crackpot online hash cracker and  i thought it would  be really nice to have a web interface for my rainbow tables which i can access from web anywhere without having to carry them with me whenever i need them.

When cracking lm/ntlm hashes i really like using Ophcrack which provides a free GUI and CLI software along with  some free and paid tables.

I wrote a quick and dirty PHP based web frontend for Ophcrack called Wophcrack, I must say i am not a programmer and i  am sure this could be done more efficiently and elegantly, anyway…its working fine :) , I thought maybe someone will find it useful so i decided to share it here.



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