Hardware for Pentesting PWN Plug

Sheeva Plug Microserver

SheevaPlug microserver loaded with pentesting goodness!Just plug it in!

  • :: Preloaded with Ubuntu, Metasploit, Fasttrack, SET, SSLstrip, nmap, dsniff, netcat, nikto, nbtscan, xprobe2, inguma, scapy, ettercap, JTR, medusa
  • :: Maintains a reverse persistent SSH tunnel to your external pentest box [Details]
  • :: Traverses strict egress firewall filters, webfilters, HTTP proxies, and application-aware firewalls
  • :: Unpingable & no open ports in stealth mode
  • :: Sends an SMS message to your phone when remote shell is established
  • :: 4.3 x 2.7 x 1.9 inches, 2.3 watts when idle
  • :: 1.2GHz ARM cpu with 512M SDRAM, 512M flash HDD


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