Focus on Sapyto v0.99 The SAP Penetration Testing Framework

sapyto is the first SAP Penetration Testing Framework. Fully developed at CYBSEC-Labs, sapyto provides support to information security professionals in SAP platform discovery, investigation and exploitation activities.

sapyto is periodically updated with the outcome of the deep research constantly carried out by CYBSEC-Labs on the various security aspects in SAP systems.

Although sapyto is a versatile and powerful tool, it is of major importance for it to be used by consultants who are highly skilled and specialized in its usage, preventing any interference with your organization’s usual SAP operation.

To obtain further information about specific SAP security services, please visit our SAP Security section.

The following versions of sapyto are available at this moment:

sapyto Public Edition (v0.99) for Windows [DOWNLOAD]

sapyto Public Edition (v0.99) for Linux [DOWNLOAD]

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