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Published on March 15th, 2011 | by NJ Ouchn


Exclusive: VMware Compliance Checker for PCI DSS v1.2

Compliance Checker for PCI DSS v1.2 is a free, downloadable tool that provides a real-time compliance check for multiple Microsoft Windows servers and desktops against PCI DSS v1.2 requirements. The tool collects data from these servers and desktops and produces a detailed summary of which requirements are met and which ones are not. This summary of PCI DSS v1.2 compliance can be used to drive a remediation/mitigation strategy and help prepare for audits.


  • Produce audit quality reports on PCI DSS v1.2 compliance – the summary report produced by the Compliance Checker for PCI DSS v1.2 can be used during an audit to demonstrate IT compliance against PCI DSS v1.2.
  • Detect problems before they affect your security posture – it is important to protect card holder data not just during an audit event, but all the time. Compliance Checker for PCI DSS v1.2 will make it easy to detect problems that impact your security posture.
  • Get detailed guidance on remediating compliance violations – detailed remediation advice for each supported requirement is provided by a team of experts at the Center for Policy and Compliance (CP&C) and is available directly from the tool.
  • Access the latest podcasts, webinars & whitepapers on PCI compliance – a wealth of up-to-date resources includes interviews with thought leaders, whitepapers, archived webinars and analyst reports that can be accessed from the tool.


Key Features

Features of VMware Compliance Checker

Check compliance on multiple servers and desktops concurrently

Run compliance checks on five Microsoft Windows servers and desktops at a time.

Support PCI DSS v1.2 rules

Perform checks on machines to conform PCI controls status

Roll-up compliance assessment by benchmarks and by machines

After a compliance run, you can view the assessments by machine

Save and print assessment results

Save and print the compliance assessment reports for review and for archiving

Wide platform support

Compliance Checker for PCI DSS v1.2 supports Microsoft Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and 2008


 Download (Registration Needed)

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