Announcement: The First Collaborative Vulnerability & Tools Watch Service V2.0 Beta Released.

Dear subscribers,

It is with great pleasure that I formally communicate on the progress of the portal VulnerabilityDatabase after almost 6 month of its creation. We had to innovate and maintain Leadership in this area. Firstly, I would like to thank the whole team who worked alongside me and continues to do so. Thank you all !!

I’m excited to introduce several new features in this new 2.0 beta release of VulnerabilityDatabase which is now in line of security portals.

So, I am pleased to announce that the “Community Feature” has been successfully integrated. Members can now communicate, collaborate, share, create content and discuss their favorite tools and techniques in computer security. VulnerabilityDatabase Becomes

The First Collaborative Vulnerability & Tools Watch Service

We also wanted to make life easier for auditors and other computer security experts by creating the forumAsk a Hacker. Indeed, this forum will be very helpful to anyone seeking a clear and quick answer to his question without spending hours in search engines.

And to endorse our position as Leader in Vulnerability & Tools Watch Service, we’ve added a feature very popular and appreciated by solutions vendors : The Tool Review. Each month, we will be focused to cover a solution / tool favored by the users and customers. The rating is based on criteria such as features offered, frequency of update and the community aspect developed around the tool. For this first edition, we have focused on one of the famous tool Metasploit.

Feature Overview

  • New CMS Engine: Our choice fell on WordPress. I will not dwell on the pros and cons because anyway it will never be the best choice: So, we embarked on this adventure.
  • New Design: We opted for a clear and simple design. A menu with 5 tabs, center pages, sidebars and a footer.
  • Community Integration: Integration of a dedicated VulnerabilityDatabase & ToolsWatch Community. Communication between members is facilitated and easy.
  • Collaborative Ready: Rate tools, send messages, ask questions, ask experts, help others, share information, promote solutions …
  • 2 new Topics Added: Ask a Hacker & Tools For Review
  • Integration of Tools Review: A rating grade of 5 max is given to security tools by members and VulnerabilityDatabase Team. See what’s the best tool ever !!!
  • Many other features to be added (Dashboard, CVE Listing ….)

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