Tenable launches Nessus in SaaS

Tenable Network Security’s cloud-based service provides you a new way of using Nessus. No software or hardware is required for the Nessus cloud-based scanning services.

Tenable Nessus Perimeter is a remote vulnerability scanning service that you can use to audit as many Internet facing IP addresses as you want for both network and web application vulnerabilities.

The Nessus Perimeter portal provides secure access to detailed vulnerability audits and remediation information on our infrastructure. You can access the web-based Scanning and Reporting portal from any computer, providing easy access to vulnerability and report information from any location. In addition, Tenable Nessus Perimeter is accessible through Tenable’s new Nessus App for iPhone®. Either through our web-based interface or App for iPhone, you can access an intuitive interface that allows you to launch scans, examine vulnerability details and generate reports. Nessus Perimeter is supported by a world renowned research team and has the industry’s largest vulnerability knowledge base, making it suitable for even the most complex audits.

Nessus Perimeter Key Benefits

  • Value-based licensing: pay one annual flat fee and scan as many systems, as often as you like
  • Minimize infrastructure overhead: no software installation, rollout and maintenance
  • Easy to use: automated scans initiated via a simple Web browser you already use with Nessus
  • Comprehensive: most trusted knowledgebase in the industry, detects over 40,000 unique security vulnerabilities
  • Secure: trusted third-party security audits with end-to-end encryption

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