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Published on February 2nd, 2011 | by NJ Ouchn


NPE File Analyzer v1.0.0.0 released

NPE File Analyzer is a utility that allow users to view and edit Portable Executable (PE) files, such as .EXE .DLL and .SYS files. NPE provides functions for inspection of unknown binaries, you can analyze sections, resources, import and export tables, relocations, TlsTable, and much more. It has a built-in process manager to analyze running processes and loaded modules.

It is possible to fix a dumped file, realign file, extract PE(s) from a file, add code cave and compare PE files to check for differences in the PE structure. NPE can also generate MD5 hash, SHA1 hash and CRC32 hash of a file. It has full support for PEiD plugins and it has also a built-in hex editor that allows you to edit a file.


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  • Add and Find Code Caves
  • Add to Explorer Context Menu
  • Bound Import Viewer
  • Compare PE Files
  • Delay Import Viewer
  • Export and Import Viewer
  • Extract Portable Executable Files
  • File Hasher (MD5 SH1 CRC32)
  • File Location Calculator
  • Full PEiD Plugin Compatibility
  • Hex Editor
  • Load Config Viewer
  • PE Editor
  • PE Section Viewer
  • Processes and Modules Manager
  • Remove Base Relocations
  • Resource Viewer
  • TimeDateStamp Adjuster
  • TLS Editor


Operating System: Windows All | 32 & 64 bit
Last Update: 18.11.2010
Category: PE Editor, Security,
License: Freeware


File Checksum (MD5): 501386837f55025b8e0aa275406fc826
File Size: 752031 bytes


File Checksum (MD5): 76c8d58b199e32de72d3915a03078a97
File Size: 396592 bytes

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