NIELD The Network Interface Events Logging Daemon v0.1 released

NIELD is the Network Interface Events Logging Daemon. It is possible to receive notifications from kernel through rtnetlink socket and log events related to link state, neighbour cache, IP address, route, fib rules.

Install Program

# tar xvzf nield-x.x.tar.gz
# cd nield-x.x
# ./configure
# make
# make install

Install Startup Script

For Redhat, Fedora

# cp -p contrib/redhat/nield /etc/init.d/
# chkconfig –add nield

For Ubuntu

$ sudo cp -p contrib/ubuntu/nield /etc/init.d/
$ sudo sysrc-conf nield on

For Gentoo

# cp -p contrib/gentoo/nield /etc/init.d/
# rc-update add nield default


NJ Ouchn

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