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Published on January 25th, 2011 | by NJ Ouchn


Malware Analyser v2.8 released

Malware Analyzer is an open source tool for analyzing malwares. It can perform the following functions:
  • String based analysis for registry, API calls, IRC Commands, DLL’s called and VMAware.
  • Display detailed headers of PE with all its section details, import and export symbols etc.
  • On distros, can perform an ASCII dump of the PE along with other options (check –help argument).
  • For windows , it can generate various section of a PE : DOS Header, DOS Stub, PE File Header, Image Optional Header, Section Table, Data Directories, Sections
  • ASCII dump on windows machine.
  • Code Analysis (disassembling)
  • Online malware checking (www.virustotal.com )
  • Check for Packer from the Database.
  • Tracer functionality: Can be used to identify
  • Anti-debugging Calls tricks, File system manipulations Calls Rootkit Hooks, Keyboard Hooks, DEP Setting Change, Network Identification traces.
  • Signature Creation: Allows to create signature of malware.”


  • Added the CRC verification
  • Added the Timestamp verification
  • Added Entropy checks based on malicious sections
  • Added Hardware Breakpoint Trace


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