websecurify v0.8 Alpha 4 available

Easy to use

Websecurify is designed to be easy to use by experts and casual users alike. Just enter a target and start testing without the need to worry about any special configurations and software training.

Intelligent Reporting

Websecurify provides powerful features capable of producing test results with any level of detail and customisations, including the ability to produce multi-lingual and highly localised reports.


Websecurify is a multi-platform web security testing environment available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The core testing engine also works on the top of many other technologies including modern browsers and numerous virtual machines and script interpreters.

Cutting-edge Technology

Websecurify employs the latest, cutting-edge, web technologies as part of its core testing and display engines. Websecurify is capable of understanding and testing the most complex web applications and automatically adjust to dynamic environments.

Some of the main features of Websecurify include:

  • Available for all major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)
  • Simple to use user interface
  • Built-in internationalization support
  • Easily extensible with the help of add-ons and plugins
  • Exportable and customisable reports with any level of detail
  • Moduler and reusable design
  • Powerful manual testing tools and helper facilities
  • Powerful analytical and scanning technology
  • Scriptable support for JavaScript and Python
  • Extensible via many languages including JavaScript, Python, C, C++ and Java


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