NeXpose v4.10 released

NeXpose 4.10 provides superior operational efficiency and reporting with powerful new features such as dynamic asset groups, advanced asset reporting filters, expansion of supported authentication methods and industry-leading detection with more than 61,000 vulnerability checks. With these new features, organizations can better qualify vulnerabilities, quantify risk and correct exposures to manage risk, achieve compliance and prevent security incidents from occurring.

The highlights of NeXpose 4.10 are:

  • Greater operational efficiency with dynamic asset groups. NeXpose provides users with the ability to create dynamic asset groups by specifying an unlimited set of criteria based on asset metadata.  These dynamic asset groups are updated automatically based on added or deleted assets without the need for manual maintenance, greatly enhancing user efficiency and productivity. The dynamic groups can then be leveraged in reporting and remediation efforts, governed by granular, role-based access controls, enabling optimized risk management operations.
  • Refined asset search and selection for reports and asset groups. Users can customize asset selection pages to display specific asset search filters, providing an easy and convenient way to find and select assets to streamline vulnerability identification and remediation.
  • SSH public key authentication. NeXpose now enables organizations to perform credentialed scans on assets that require SSH public key authentication. This is particularly valuable for organizations that require the highest level of security for their critical assets, including those provisioned in cloud environments.
  • Increased vulnerability coverage. NeXpose 4.10 now provides more than 61,000 checks across more than 15,600 vulnerabilities, spanning operating systems, network infrastructure, applications, services, protocols and databases.
  • Superior server runtime performance. Based on exhaustive testing and analysis within the Rapid7 Enterprise Performance and Scalability Lab, new Java runtime performance optimization provides superior execution under load from the most demanding environments.

NeXpose 4.10 will ship later this week. To find out more information about NeXpose 4.10 and the various NeXpose editions, please visit

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