NetworkScanViewer v1.0.4 released

The application loads the scan data from nessus and nmap XML, does some data cleansing, then displays the results on the results list. The list data can be sorted by clicking on the column headers, so it is easy to order and locate particular information. There is also the ability to filter on specific information like host, port, service etc so it is easy to drill down to specific information.

The export functionality exports using the data shown in the results list, so if you change the sort order or filter the results, then it is reflected in the export. It is also possible to permanently exclude scripts that just generate noise by right clicking on the item and selecting “Ignore Plugin” from the context menu. Excluded scripts can be re-added at any time by using the Options window.


  • Data cleansing
  • Export to CSV and XML
  • Sortable data columns
  • Data Filtering
  • Script excluding


  • Added the extra nmap fields for searching via the Search text box. So if an item has

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