honggfuzz easy-to-use fuzzer v0.1 released


  • Easy setup: No complicated configuration files or setup necessary — Hongfuzz can be run directly from the command line.
  • Fast: Multiple Hongfuzz instances can be run simultaneously for more efficient fuzzing.
  • Powerful analysis capabilities: Hongfuzz will use the most powerful process state analysis (e.g. ptrace) interface under a given OS.


  • A POSIX compilant operating system (See the compatibility list for more)
  • The udis86 library. Note: Only necessary with x86/x86-64 CPU architectures.
  • A corpus of input files. Honggfuzz expects a set of files to use and modify as input to the application you’re fuzzing. How you get or create these files is up to you, but you might be interested in the following sources:
    • Image formats: Tavis Ormandy’s Image Testuite has been effective at finding vulnerabilities in various graphics libraries.
    • PDF: Adobe provides some test PDF files.

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