CWE Version 1.11 Now Available

CWE Version 1.11 has been posted on the CWE List page. A detailed report is available that lists specific changes between Version 1.10 and Version 1.11.

The main changes include: (1) creation of 7 new entries, mostly for race conditions and “functionality inclusion” issues; (2) deprecation of one entry; (3) changes in the names of 26 entries, and descriptions of 40 entries; (4) modified mitigations for 20 entries, primarily to further normalize the mitigations in the Top 25; (5) updates to relationships for 35 entries, primarily for sub-tree reorganization for race conditions; (6) updates to the demonstrative examples in 23 entries; and (7) major changes to 135 entries.
PDF documents have been updated to display graphs of views such as the Research View (CWE-1000) and the Development View (CWE-699), and a “Printable CWE” document lists all of the entries in CWE.

CWE Version 1.11
Difference Report
2010 CWE/SANS Top 25

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